Our success depends on the strength of our partnerships

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Our goal is not to re-invent the wheel. There are some incredible organizations and individuals doing amazing work for children with incarcerated parents. Our success depends upon the strength of our partnerships with these organizations so that we can be transparent, efficient, and strategic in creating opportunities and empowerment for the children and caregivers we serve. EKWIP develops awareness and fundraising campaigns to financially support our Partners and the ongoing mentoring and development programs they provide, dedicated to helping children with incarcerated parents.

Our Partnerships Involve

  • financially supporting ongoing programs and working together to create new initiatives aimed to deliver high-quality programs that fit the needs of EKWIP kids in their communities.
  • Maintaining a mutual understanding of our roles in a common service to help children of incarcerated parents.
  • Sustained contact with EKWIP kids and families.
Partner Provisions

Partner Provisions

Along with time, facilities and resources, our partners bring vital benefits to our commitment to the needs of children with incarcerated parents:


  • Dedicated and trained professionals, helping deliver programs with flair

Local Knowledge

  • Ensuring programs are locally relevant and effectively delivered

Commitment to young people

  • Sharing our focus on the various issues facing children of incarcerated parents
Community involvement
  • Strong ties to other groups and community leadership

Access to our target groups

  • Helping us engage the hardest to reach children

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