Impact the lives of EKWIP children

EKWIP is a youth charity that works to effect change in the lives of children with incarcerated parents.  


We Believe

We believe children marginalized by parental incarceration should have the mentorship, resources and educational opportunities to guide them on their journey to becoming successful members of society.

We Work

We work in partnership with both public and private sector organizations in communities across the US sponsoring kids in ongoing programs that meet their needs. Our goal is to see positive outcomes for these young people who need love, guidance, and support.

We Provide

Our work provides practical and financial support to rescue children from underachievement and intergenerational incarceration by improving the opportunities, skills and resources that allow them to see what the world has to offer, in ways that they can see themselves in it and the extent to which they want to succeed.

We Build

Our objective is to build a National network of Partnerships with diverse organizations responsive to the needs of children with incarcerated parents and create conscious consumers who seed into EKWIP through purchases and donations, with 100% of their investment directly supporting EKWIP kids.

Meeting The Urgent Need

We are guided by our adherence to the rights that meet the urgent need that EKWIP kids face:
  1. The right to be kept safe and informed at the time of their parent's arrest.
  2. The right to be heard when decisions are made about them
  3. The right to be considered when decisions are made about their parent
  4. The right to a lifelong relationship with their parent
  5. The right to not be judged, blamed, or labeled because they have a parent that is incarcerated
  6. The right to support/ mentorship as they struggle and learn to deal with parental incarceration
  7. The right to be well cared for in a parent’s absence
  8. The right to see, talk with, and touch their incarcerated parent.

Backstory | Founding EKWIP

Zach Hartz is the Founder and Director of EKWIP. Inspired by his seperation from his daughter while serving  10 + years in Federal prison, EKWIP's mission is to:
  1. Bring awareness and an identity to the faceless generation of children with incarcerated parents
  2. Inspire individuals to become EKWIP mentors and volunteers
  3. Create conscious consumers ready to maximize their buying and giving all in one purchase with 100% of all proceeds going directly to EKWIP kids.
  4. Build Partnerships with organizations aimed at reaching EKWIP kids so that EKWIP can seed into them the money needed to support on going programs and provide daily assistance that EKWIP kids need.
Zach's Story