Chance of Success

EKWIP is committed to connecting youth with organizations that provide preventative community based programs, counseling and mentoring aimed at giving EKWIP kids the best chance of success in society and break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration.


A Consistent Adult Presence

What children of incarcerated parents need, above all, is stable, reliable care from adults. A mentor has the ability to provide continuity when other circumstances in a child’s life may be in flux.

Advocacy for Youth in Court or with Social Services

Mentors serve as impartial voices for young people, helping to represent their best interests in proceedings involving placements or the court system.

Support for the Relationship with the Parent

When it is determined to be an appropriate goal, mentors may engage children in activities that help nurture the parental relationship (writing letters, making cards, assisting with visits and more).

Exposure to Community Support Systems

Mentoring is one support among many that children of incarcerated parents need. Involvement with other organizations can help surround that child with a web of care, concern and positive experiences.

Adult Friendship

The caring adults who interact most with children of incarcerated parents (social workers, case managers, foster parents, etc.) are often paid professionals. A mentor is there for the youth alone, extending friendship that builds trust and self-esteem.

A mentor can serve as an island in the storm.

While this requires real commitment from both the mentor and the program, the support that lies at the heart of mentoring can greatly benefit children of incarcerated parents. 

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