Innocent Children Sharing The Punishment

There is no single story that describes what it is like for a child to have a parent who is incarcerated. Countering mainstream perceptions, these kids come from every socio-economic background and ethnicity.


The Faceless Generation

  Every day across the United States children become the victims of parental incarceration. There are now over 2.7 million kids living with one or more parent incarcerated and this number is growing at an alarming rate. In every case, the child forfeits much of what matters to them: their homes, their safety, their public status and personal self-image, their primary source of comfort and affection. Many experience poverty, violence, and limited opportunities for education. They face the stigma of family involvement in the criminal justice system, lack of stability, and the isolation that comes with navigating these issues in silence. Most of these kids struggle with depression, guilt, and shame as they believe they did something wrong for there parents to be taken away. Donate Now

Make a Difference

We cannot be the generation that lets innocent children share in the punishment of their parents, and become victims of choices they never made. It is time to bring these children out of the shadows and give them an identity that they can embrace to best EKWIP them. How To Help

Participate in Reducing, Rather than Perpetuating, the Cycle of Crime and Incarceration.