Donating to EKWIP

The EKWIP promise is simple – 100% of your donations directly support children with incarcerated parents.

EKWIP exists to help change the lives of children with incarcerated parents. It’s a big job, and we don’t do it alone. Our donors and giving partners support our mission through generous donations and by becoming EKWIP-conscious consumers who maximize their purchasing power.Regular donations help EKWIP plan ways to help young people now and in the future. It’s fast, easy and secure, and you can cancel at any time. If you would prefer to make a one off donation, you can do so here.These faithful donors support our long-term vision, our ability to scale as an organization, and our mission to contribute 100% of public donations to support EKWIP kids.

EKWIP pursues the highest ethical and professional standards in its fundraising endeavors. We believe integrity is the key to maximizing financial support to EKWIP kids. Information about donors and partners is handled with respect and confidentiality.


EKWIP Concious Consumers:

EKWIP Missions are fundraising campains that enable EKWIP to sell products and services to consumers who can maximising their buying power by being a consumer and charitable donator all in the same purchase as 100% of their money goes directly to EKWIP kids. These Missions provides the opportunity for consumers to continue buying the products and services they normally would with the assurance that all purchase proceeds directly go to EKWIP kids.

EKWIP relies on corporations and private sponsors to cover all Administative expenses including office supplies, and travel expenses. If your a corporation or private sponsor that would like to help cover EKWIP’s Admin expenses please contact us by phone or email at  /  980-320-0305

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